We’ve meticulously streamlined the process to provide you with a crystal-clear roadmap, guiding you towards
the optimal path tailored to the specific type and scale of your project. Recognizing the importance of
maintaining readily available stock for immediate purchase, coupled with a curated catalog of pre-orderable
products, our strategic approach alleviates concerns related to potential supply chain disruptions. This holistic
strategy is designed to enhance the overall value and success of your renovation or ground-up project.

Step One

Connect with one of our team members to review your project size, timeline, goals, and finish specifications.

Step Two

We will create a side-by-side comparison with TASORO materials to show how we can save you an average of 30% on your renovation or ground up project.

Step Three

You’re ready to order!
Depending on your project size
and timeline, we have some

Smaller/Slower Renovation Process
Quick Turnaround Needed

  1. Deposit collected
  2. Order placed
  3. Product fulfilled from our current stock inventory*
  4. On-site delivery with TASORO logistics
Apartment repair wall repair renovation house renovation home remodeling real estate repair

*Inventory may fluctuate, and substitutions may be needed.

A multi-family condominium is under construction.

Larger Projects for Renovation and Ground-up Construction

  1. Secure your own supply chain with our Material Supply Agreement
  2. Deposit collected to begin the manufacturing process (60-120 day lead time)
  3. Materials received in our warehouse and stored, ready when you need it, delivered how you need it, in bulk or kitted

What is the impact?


Average Material Savings


Average Rent Bump

Increased ROI

“The interior finishes from TASORO have transformed our apartments, and the customer service is truly exceptional. Their commitment to quality and satisfaction sets them apart, making them our go-to for all our interior needs.”

Janie Knight

*National average. Markets may vary.